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You can re-add it later per guidelines above if required. Use search to look for the following line: Allow To Update Stats From Browser=0update it to Allow To Update Stats From Browser=1and Save the changes: 4.

Now go back to Awstats, the Update now button should appear.

Gives you the opportunity to check tomorrow at this time and see if it is running.crond (pid 3326) is running...

whm awstats not updating-90

Whm awstats not updating

Also you’ll need to change the log_format in the nginx config to the following: The log_format above is matching the normal apache logformat, except the very last parameter, which is the request time.

The request time itself, is the time it takes nginx to process the request.

If you have a lot of websites in a single c Panel, we recommend using Google Analytics or another third-party statistics solution as an alternative.

You can specify an IP address which you do not want logged in AWStats to keep your own page visits from being counted.

When using cpanel as a control panel for shared hosting, you’re by default forced to use Apache. So I’ll show you how to make nginx support for cpanel awstats. The reason is that the normal awstats works perfectly, but because the stats for the domains is depending on how awstats and cpanel work together, cpanel have come up with a pretty bad way to handle the main configuration file for awstats.

The reason behind this is that it’s the most common webserver, but Apache is often using a lot of memory when you could lower this. Which results in, that it’s not possible to add your own log format in the main config, so it will work for all your domains.Have you tried: service crond status to verify it is running?/scripts/runweblogs will manually run the Stats programs and should reset the time run; will also run tomorrow at the same time as today.This will allow you to view your site and make updates without affecting the daily statistics.AWStats is a free powerful graphical tool which generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics.Since we’re running nginx in front of Apache this means, it’s only the time spend in the proxy itself, so all dynamic processing will still be handled by apache. The code below is the hook you need to save to /opt/makeawstats/makeawstats.py: #!

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