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Here’s a brief look back at the a cornucopia of famous (and infamous) moments that put butts on the map in the last year like they’ve never been before: 2013 was the year Kim Kardashian took the belfie (or “butt selfie”) that launched a thousand belfies (and the unfortunate term “belfie”); a young woman’s butt got international press (and its own Instagram account with 2.4 million followers); we spent two whole weeks trying to forget about Miley Cyrus’s VMA twerkfest; sidebutt replaced sideboob as the risqué red carpet look of choice; Robin Thicke made a music video featuring a giant, butt-shaped float; butt implant and injection surgeries grew in popularity for both men and women; and s Porngram: Google Trends: Does all this love mean butts are back for good?I hope so — it’s pretty damn hard to rock a good butt without sporting some allover meat on your bones, and I’ll gladly take that as a sign that healthier bodies (and the butts that go with them) are here to stay.And it’s not just strangers—guys I date are amazed by the curve from my waist to my bum. When she wasn’t looking, he nonchalantly copped a feel, without even looking my way. And I won’t even consider wearing pants with pleats.

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Your Tango asked eight men their thoughts on big butts.

Totally anonymously and completely candid, here's what they had to tell us.1. To me, it's more about the shape of the butt than the size. But just because something is 'bigger' doesn't make it better.

But the question still remains: Aside from Kanye and Sir Mix-A-Lot, do men really like big butts?

Or is it just a rumor that got started and everyone followed suit?

Scientists from the University of Oxford have discovered that women with larger than average butts are not only increasingly intelligent but also very resistant to chronic illnesses.

According to ABC News, the results found that women with bigger backsides tend to have lower levels of cholesterol and are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar.The cold, hard truth about what dudes think of a little junk in the trunk.According to Sir Mix-A-Lot, if you don't got buns then his anaconda don't want none.It’s ballsy to cop a feel of a girl’s chest—a guy might get away with an extra-tight hug—but for some reason, people think the ass is up for grabs. A friend who was dating the actor Jamie Foxx asked me to wear a long baggy sweater once when we went out with him. Just because it’s big, doesn’t mean I want something in it. I buy my dresses and pants multiple sizes bigger to be able to fit my rear, then get the rest taken in by a tailor.Catcalls are a friendly hello—because multiple 311 calls to report harassment won’t change that they happen to me several times a day. Another boyfriend couldn’t decide what he liked more—me or my ass. I agreed to hide the fanny, but he seemed to be able to just sense it was there. One pain in the rear I always endure is the inevitable spanking. But, no matter how I dress, I somehow always end up looking like a Kardashian. If I can’t show off my waist and legs, then I end up looking like a blob.Eyeonthenut reports that the team analyzed data from 16,000 women.

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