Updating eighties kitchen

If your kitchen is stuck in the '80s, you need to think about updating. Wallpaper, brass fixtures and old appliances all make a kitchen look outdated and tired. This is the most inexpensive way to update, and it makes a huge difference. Remove ruffled curtains, flowered tablecloths and cutesy kitchen collectibles. This should completely transform your '80s kitchen.If your house is about to go on the market, you need to do more than think. A major overhaul means thousands of dollars, but you can bring your kitchen into the 21st century easily and inexpensively, and you'll get most of your investment back when you sell. Rate My Space contributor Carolynar's new kitchen features dark, Shaker-style cabinetry with frosted-glass door panels, a granite and quartz countertop, self-closing drawers and doors and a stainless-steel sink.

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(Those weren't high on my list anyway.) But a few other trends on his list may be more surprising to you: he recommends avoiding farmhouse sinks ("In 20, everybody wanted an apron-front kitchen sink... This begs another question: what kitchen elements will never go out of style?

This year, we haven’t done a single one"), pot racks or range hoods as focal points ("All the rage in 2009, ’10 and ’11...

but their popularity is waning"), and colorful appliances ("Appliance manufacturers will tell you that white or arctic or ice is the new stainless, but stainless is still the king...

It was a dark, “1986 yucky room” when they bought the house.

Specifically, she used Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations to give her 1980s melamine kitchen cabinets a new, retro-modern vibe.

Amazing how modern those 1980s kitchen cabinets look when painted out.

I promise I will write up a detailed budget breakdown in the future.

This modern kitchen remodel features black cabinetry, sleek surfaces, hardwood and tiled floors, recessed lighting and a custom stone wall to provide a rich wine-cellar feel. By knocking down the narrow wall, removing upper cabinets and installing skylights, a concrete countertop and glass-etile backsplash, Rate My Space contributor Anne Bub achieved her dream kitchen makeover.

But now I love my kitchen and all of the ways we were able to make it fit our style.”Every time I see my beautiful ‘new’ kitchen, I think of all the hours my husband and I spent together, making it just right!

Rather than buying all-new cabinets, custom doors and drawer fronts were added to the existing boxes to create an updated look while saving tons of cash.

It's still inexpensive, and your cabinets will look like new.

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