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These means that it is vital to stick to the rules about where you should be on the river.

You will learn all the landmarks on the Cam by experience, but here are some general remarks: Stay on the right side of the river (as the cox looks at it), apart from around Grassy Corner. This is done so that crews going upstream have the racing line around all of the major corners.

It's not necessarily the wound that hurts, but more the poison that enters into your blood stream. Always shuffle your feet when walking out to the surf, sting rays are shy and skitish creatures and will generally flutter away at the first sign of danger.

The sting is a self-defense mechanism when they get stepped on or threatened. In the case that you do get stung come to the beach as quick as possible, don't panic because it will only increase your circulation, thus aiding in the movement of the toxin through your body.

PART: Engle Cams PRICE: $85.00 or $90.00 Engle is the most widely used high-performance VW camshaft manufacturer in the world today. Not only do these gears greatly reduce the odds of premature wear, but they also requires less HP to drive than stock gears!

Whatever your application is, Engle has a cam to fill it. Magnum gear sets are supplied with mounting hardware, 0°, 2°, and 4° advance/retard washers. PART: Ratio Rocker Arm Sets PRICE: $225.00 We stock 1.25:1 and 1.4:1 ratio rocker arm sets.

Both sets include solid shafts, bronze bushed rocker arms, heavy duty studs, and lash caps. PART: Jay Cee Push Rod Tubes PRICE: $89.00 We stock genuine Jay Cee Push Rod Tubes. (0.875") that make for excellent push rod clearance, as well as a dual O-ring setup to help prevent leaks. This kit eliminates the points and the condenser, is dust resistant and water resistant too. PART: OEM Magnesium Engine Case PRICE: $795.00 We stock new OEM VW AS41 engine cases.

These are made from 6061 extruded aluminum tubing and are CNC machined to spec. Have a flawless ignition performance with no points to bounce, wear, or get out of adjustment. Why risk your build with using an unknown used (and maybe abused) engine case, when you can still get OEM quality new!

Really the only true solution is hot water, as hot as you can stand.

In Seal Beach one summer we treated over 350 sting ray wounds, that year the nation reported 1,200 total injuries...

Nuts that you’ve weighted, especially small brass ones, can be difficult to remove and often become trashed in the process. The downside is that a placement that’s secure while you’re standing on it may fall out when unweighted, making cam-hooking a little spooky.

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