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The findings are included in a study called Beauty Comes of Age, researched and written by Professor Susie Orbach, who was at one time a confidante of Princess Diana.

Nude over 50-48

Women are hitting back at the beauty industry, accusing it of marginalising the over-50s and treating ageing as some kind of affliction.

A new study found three quarters of women believe that ageing is too often hidden, rather than celebrated, in the beauty world.

There are a couple of irritants like fragrance, linalool, rosemary extract, and it may contain bismuth oxychloride.

Also, this shouldn’t be used as your only source of sun protection since Octinoxate only screens out some UVA rays.

50 and I are extremely close, so all that social media drama? People truly believed that he did not know his dick was going to be on camera. Do you know how long we had to prepare for that shot? The whole thing just gave us so much more buzz and helped me realize how we can use social media to our advantage. As we all know 50 Cent loves to troll and be petty on social media; it’s like he gets a high out of being petty.

When this situation hit the fan last year, I kept saying to myself, something doesn’t sound right about this, especially since 50 is always with the sh-ts!

Eye makeup can brighten your face and make you feel more beautiful, helping you become more confident in your age and in your own skin.

Every time a new nude eye shadow palette is launched, an angel gets its wings—or at the very least, the makeup-obsessed among us have a new rainbow of neutrals to play with.

Halle Berry was feeling fearless when she posted a nude photo this week. #Nina Simone," she quoted late singer and civil rights activist Nina Simone in the caption.

The 50-year-old actress shared a strategically-shot naked picture with her 1.5 million followers Tuesday on Instagram. Berry's post received over 91,000 likes and many compliments in the comments. Freedom is being willing and able to face your fears and overcome them," one fan wrote.

Have you ever wondered what those hot old babes that you see down at the mall might look like naked?

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