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George Louis Costanza was one of the four main characters on Seinfeld, played by Jason Alexander. He sometimes lives with his parents, Estelle and Frank Costanza, a bitter couple who are as neurotic as their son.

Chances are George's personality traits of being bitter, miserly, selfish, greedy and dishonest come from his childhood background.

The first known instance in the English language was a sentence translated from a text written by the French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal.

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But the number of different people credited with this comment is so numerous that an explanatory appendix would have been required, and the letter was already too long.

Here is a partial list of attributions I have seen: Mark Twain, George Bernard Shaw, Voltaire, Blaise Pascal, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Winston Churchill, Pliny the Younger, Cato, Cicero, Bill Clinton, and Benjamin Franklin. Quote Investigator: Some of the attributions you have listed are spurious, but several are supported by solid evidence.

He delivered everything we expect from Larry David, and so much more.

The discussion turned to romance ("Are you dating now?

Fact: Billy Crystal, comedian Chris Rock and actor Larry David were on hand to congratulate Starz TV network Ceo Chris Albrecht on his nuptials to Montana Coady on Saturday (17Sep11). Quote: "Tom Ford came and reattached my (dress) strap.

The couple wed in Los Angeles and held a star-studded after-party at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I don't know what he did, but I had a great night from that moment on." Aussie actress Isla Fisher confirms reports about her fashion mishap at the Vanity Fair Oscar's Party on Sunday (27Feb11), revealing the top designer saved her from embarrassment after an over-enthusiastic embrace with comedian Larry David.

Early in the piece, David reveals a recurring daydream: "Sometimes I have these fantasies of just moving to a foreign country and coming back with a full head of hair. We're always doing things we don't want to do, we never say what we really feel, and so this is an idealized version of how I want to be. The best part about is that you get time off, too, because the kids are with their mom, so it's the best of both worlds. You get married, you have kids – you should plan this from the beginning.

The character really is me, but I just couldn't possibly behave like that.

"It would be very different for me, and it's something that I've never experienced." Photos: How Larry David Earned Your Enthusiasm• David says he's unlikely to ever get married again. "My wife got half of it, the whole thing is ridiculous, and yet people are obsessed with the fact that I've made millions of dollars [from 's] syndication . Jerry's not getting asked about how much money he has. It comes down to, ' Jerry deserves it, he starred in it, you got lucky!

It has to do - I think - with growing up in an apartment, with my aunt and my cousins right next door to me, with the door open, with neighbors walking in and out, with people yelling at each other all the time.

The show, which launched as a one-hour special in 1999 and ran until 2011, will be back, according to David himself.

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