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He admitted his guilt, is on probation, and lost his former job working for the court system, according to a newspaper article I dug up.He’s now using his middle name instead of his first name, but without a doubt is my co-worker.I work for a very large company that has multiple offices in nearly every state that outsources all preemployment paperwork and background checks to an outside firm on the other side of the U. I was hired about three months ago and know for a fact that none of my references or former companies were contacted.

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I can’t believe that my company would hire such a person.

Our department of 85 are, for the most part, a very family-centered group of proud parents and grandparents that would have this gentlemen’s head if they ever found out. I honestly don’t think my company knows this information.

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The focus of Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) is on restoring members to a state of psychological wellness so they can avoid the all-consuming compulsions associated with sexual addiction. Believe that a higher power can restore you to a state of psychological normalcy and wellness. Turn over your will and life to a higher power as you understand it. Most individuals with sexual addictions are disconnected from their daily lives, families and peers as a direct result of their addiction.

Sexaholics Anonymous is not directly affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA); however, it does draw its basic format from the AA publication Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions. The higher power does not need to represent anything more than an individual's personal conception of God, regardless of their religion. For example: Experts believe that roughly 6% of the population exhibits characteristics that meet the standard for sex addiction.

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