Folk dating

Did i find it hard to adapt to citylife Not really .... As for the dating aspect Country life = sheep were easy City Life = No bloody sheepseriously it depends on the other persons outlook as well if you date a serious townie ( no offence meant ) then yes it's going to cause problems but if as i have found most often that you do attract the more adventurous types that don't mind the smell of country air :)....... position vacant lol :)Rather depends on what your after doesn't it. now I am confused Well being that i am also in a small town in the lakes i can see where your coming from.

Whether your passion is country music, Nascar, fishing, hunting, horses, or outdoor living, there are plenty of country western singles who love the same things you do.

Similar interests are crucial for having a fun and exciting dating relationship, but they're also important components of lasting partnerships.

My own thoughs are , country people are way behind the times compared to city people, call it street cred or lack off, but i do think it will have an effect if a country lad takes out a city girl and what they are use to, Or is it me just been crazy.

Sitting in a village put or hitting the town clubbing Malc I live in the small town of warwick and I would say people here can be a little more ignorant than in citys... the nearest town was 12 miles away and in the winter.. I think someone from the city would find that pretty hard to cope with... still live in a village which like you OP unless your from this area no one would have heard of it... have only been there roughly 10 times in 8 years...

Finding someone who shares your interests or lifestyle is important for lasting happiness.

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