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Three Hong Kong men aged from 20 to 61 are the city’s latest sex chat victims after they were threatened with the prospect of images or videos of their indecent acts being circulated on the internet if they refused to pay.The three cases came to light today as it was revealed that cases of cybersex-related blackmail rose sharply this year.

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Police figures showed there were 506 local reports of ‘sextortion’ in the first six months of this year – more than eight times the 60 cases reported for the whole of 2012.

In 2013, there were 477 cases, and last year there were 638.

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Her brother said she regularly sent money back to their poverty-stricken village in Indonesia It was late on Friday night that accused murderer Rurik Jutting returned to his apartment with a woman.

He called police to the building later that evening, where they found Seneng on the floor dying with her throat slashed and stab wounds to her buttocks.

As a result, thieves that are easily caught by the police are often intentionally described as 笨賊 ban6 caak6 (stupid thieves) in the newspaper to achieve the humorous effects from the phrase ban6 cat6.

Hai (traditional Chinese: ; Jyutping: hai1) is a common vulgar word that literally means vagina. 屄 is more common on the mainland of China, with 閪 being used in Hong Kong and Macao.

Mr Mujiharso said he did not realise the significance of the mystery woman's words until the police phoned him.

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