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Styles of bugles include reproductions of the Rexcraft bugle (the "official" Boy Scout Bugle), cavalry bugles, "Gunga-Din" bugles , M1892 Bugles among others.

Also available for purchase is the Jupiter Brigadier and an Amati 223 and a great student trumpet.

I would appreciate receiving information on bugles and Scouting that adds to what I have here.

By the 1930's the product line included ten different models with two different finishes. White Company made all of its own bugles and did not stencil any for other companies.

After World War Two the entire bugle line was dropped but special of orders for bugles were still produced.

This allows me to revise a chapter when I discover new information without afftecting the rest of the book.

Chapters that are long or have a large number of photos are split into several files because of the limit on the size of file I can upload.

We also offer custom made bugles and complete brass instrument repairs and overhauls.

We offer complete brass instrument repair of trumpets, repair of bugles, repair of cornets, repair of French Horns, repair of flugelhorns, repair of trombones, repair of tubas, restoration of trumpets, restoration of bugles, restoration of cornets, restorations of french horns, restorations of flugelhorns, restorations of trombones, restorations of tubas, along with custom made bugles.

It is made of the finest quality brass by highly experienced, skilled craftsmen. Sometimes, this instrument is called a Boy Scout Bugle, Army Bugle, Navy Bugle, Air Force Bugle, Marine Bugle, VFW Bugle, Civil War Bugle, American Command, True Tone, Drum Major, Rexcraft/Official, Wonder Bugle, Official Bugle, Field Trumpet, Dynasty, Ultratone, The Legionnaire, Scout Master or just a Bugle.

It has been used for years by members of our Armed Forces, the Boy Scouts of America and VFW units around the world. It is easy to play and sounds just the way you know it should.

This site was created for those of you who would like to learn about bugles, purchase a bugle and for those in Boy Scouts earn your bugling Merit Badge.

For those looking to buy a bugle we have our discussion of various available bugles (click here) some available for purchase from our site and for others we have links to other sites.

And if this is your troop’s bugle, leave a comment below with a way to contact you.

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