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"Play it safe" is the oldest rule in the book, especially when it comes to online dating.While there are a certain set of rules to follow in order to stay safe during the cyber interaction portion of your online dating endeavors, there are entirely different guidelines that pertain to staying safe once you decide to take your relationship offline.Start slowly Easing slowly into a new relationship is key in any circumstance.

When you look at guys who are great with women, or anyone with peak social awareness, they perform a bunch of smaller actions that add up to an arsenal of social skills.

These discrete skills combine to form a killer ability to communicate with others and assertively get what they want.

Since almost all of the communication you have with your matches from your preferred online dating service is through the Internet, it can be tough to get a full grasp on the person that you're speaking to.

Before suggesting a date offline, it can be beneficial to start with a phone call or video meeting.

In last month’s installment of Fearless Living in 2015, we explored how loving yourself fearlessly—including all of your flaws, imperfections, and quirks—could change your life.

I hope that taking time to reflect on a daily and ongoing basis provided new insights into your current blocks and helped you envision how life-changing loving yourself can be.

The Gremlin’s job is to maintain the status quo, to keep you safe. LOVER EXAMPLE A woman I know, I’ll call her Josie, was in a relationship with a wonderful man. And when she finally got through all her excuses, what was left was her fear that he would leave her, be mean to her, criticize her or ignore her.

She had a lot of excuses – he’s too nice, he’s not my type, he’s 7 years older, etc.

Guys who do well with women tend to have just naturally absorbed attractive behaviors from role models such as fathers, teammates, coaches, and friends.

And one thing guys who are successful have in common is that they never play it safe.

It means that you are starting to look at the world, yourself and your relationships a little bit differently.

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