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It's definitely time for the show to end, but I'm still feeling a little nostalgic remembering all the good times.(Need to get caught up on everything that's happened? )And of course, the best times of the show always involved love.Blair runs up and shrieks “you need to help me destroy Chuck Bass! Serena and Dan have the grace to look ooked out before Dan judgmentally points out how difficult he finds it to believe that Blair needs help getting Chuck into bed.

Since just about everyone on the show has hooked up at one point it was hard to keep this from becoming a novel, but here's our condensed list of the couples that worked, and the couples that should have been banned from Manhattan.

instead, it would have been entertaining on purpose instead of by accident. Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester have so much chemistry my TV screen melts a little each time they are on it. Blair could maybe get past his Brooklyn upbringing, but the most polished woman alive would never truly fall for someone with such unkempt hair.

Season 1 slightly rewritten from "Seventeen Candles." CB, TV Universe. At other times, we feel entitled to inflict them on others. Because no matter how simple the contract made it seem, selling out yourself or your girlfriend is a much bigger deal than either of them considered."I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where." On the night of The Truce, Chuck is in an accident that wipes out his memory of the last three years.

Takes place after Davos sends Gendry off to Essos (assuming he takes up the role of Edric in full) Summary: Gendry has been shipped to Braavos and is under the protection of Lord Ollie, a wealthy nut merchant. Darcy angst and introspection to tide you over until episode 61. It's mostly Max and Liz, but it will have Maria and Michael.

I haven't written any ASo Ia F or Go T fanfics yet, because I'm sort of nervous about it, but I love reading it! What if Blair had gotten her wish and Nate never found out about her affair with Chuck? Post "Into the Woods." Blair and Chuck are back together again, and they've been going strong for about six weeks now. After nearly 5 months, he is still having trouble getting used to this life and is haunted by his past. The Iron Throne seats its true ruler, and the new Kings of Winter have sworn their allegiance. The year is 1899, and society belle Blair Waldorf rules the ballroom.

My Ships: Chuck/Blair, Dan/Vanessa, Serena/Carter, Rufus/Lily (How would things have been different if Blair had spent the night in Chuck's suite instead of going home after their infamous limo ride? How would they have found their way back to each other? But will their relationship be able to withstand the biggest challenge that they've faced yet? There is no war, but if there is peace in Westeros, it can hardly be felt... future fic, book spoilers Sometimes, without realizing it, we inflict our own punishments. Desired by many and envied by all, Blair seems above reproach...until the one person with the power to ruin it all returns with his heart set on her destruction. Chuck and Serena find out about Dan and Blair, and hatch a scheme to break them up by revealing a long-kept secret from their past. Meet free now know what i like and attractive, he does introduce new things in the lifestyle and chose.Passed determined that legitimate question about whether he thinks there is is chuck and blair from gossip girl dating in real life in philippines. Photo from life and what list of sites includes beautiful dating asian girls and women want to date other guys when she finds a guy who actually cares.that Asher did not do to Little J last year until Dorota rudely interrupts her. Meanwhile, Jenny Humprhrey has ill-advisedly Carol Bradyed her hair, and is wearing a pink tulle crinoline under a plaid flannel dress. (Thank you, producer gods, for not only this beautiful torso but for forcing Taylor Momsen to at least eat something on camera.) His semi-nudity does not go unnoticed by Jenny, who drools, and not because of the toast.As darling Blair walks down the street, Chuck pulls up and asks her if she wants a ride. All she needs to say are those three words, which she just won’t, so he pulls away. Beautiful Nate arrives with Jenny’s forgotten sketchbook, and Jenny suddenly realizes that she forgot to be in love with him, and rectifies that immediately., but sure – and therefore Nate is the, what, Ryan Atwood? (I mean, think about it: beautiful, dumb, and prone to dating The Poors.

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