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Neighbors from their village of Rhima in Hajeb Laayoun, within the governorate of Kairouan had been searching the area since, finally locating the girl's body in a ditch earlier today.The two boys killed in Ryadh were reported to have been swimming in flood water on Sunday, before being swept away by additional water.An inquest has heard how a teenager tried to shield his grandfather from a rampaging gunman during the Tunisia terror attack which also claimed the lives of his brother and uncle.

Risking his own life, the employee followed Rezgui to the beach.

In the video, staffers are heard saying "he killed the people," and despite the fact the gunman was still armed, people began to give chase.

Once inside they pressed the button for the lift but decided not to wait for it to arrive and ran to the indoor pool as Rezgui made his way around the corner.

Mr Richards told police: 'On the way granddad kept falling over so he was not very fast.'I saw the person running after us and he just came around the corner.

Police have said they're hunting for accomplices that helped Rezgui get to the to the crime scene and provided him with the automatic weapon he used in the attack.

Rezgui's home of the past few months is about two hours away from Sousse, a resort town popular with European travelers.

Villagers in the Governorate of Kairouan recovered the body of a young girl earlier today after she had been washed away by flash flooding on Friday.

Elsewhere, two boys from the city of Ryadh in the governorate of Sousse were also killed during the flash flooding that saw large parts of the country's transport network rendered unusable due to heavy rains.

The bodies of the two boys were recovered by civil protection officers later the same day.

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